New Here! Pregnant With Twins

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New Here! Pregnant With Twins

Hello! I am new to this site. I am 33 yo and I am currently about 21 weeks pregnant with twin boys (I will be 21 weeks on Saturday). I have two other children, but I am new to twins! What can I expect in regards to my body in the upcoming weeks? They are not going to let me go past 39 weeks...when were your twins born? Should I expect them to come earlier that that?

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My boys came at 36wks after 8wks of bedrest (they were also number 3 and 4, how old are your other two?). But many women make it full term. Your body is just going to get bigger and more uncomfortable as you progress. Smile More stomach ailments (nausea, heartburn, etc) and back pain, and itchy tummy, but oh so worth it all! Smile

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as a current preggo you should expect to go from feeling great one week to falling flat the next. Last week at 32 weeks I was sure, it wasn't going to be a problem, I felt great..... this week is kicking my butt big time.

Congratulations on your twins!! I hope the second 20-ish weeks go quickly and uneventful !!

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My babes came @ 36 weeks and 3 days but I was induced due to complications with myself. I know that I would have made it to 38. It's a much harder pregnancy then a singleton and there is no way of knowing what to expect because anything can happen in a multiples pregnancy. Hoping you continue to have a complication free pregnancy.

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I am from MO too and my twin boys were born in July at 36 weeks and some change. They are now coming up on 6 mo's. I can tell you that time goes by a lot faster after they are born.

The end is very uncomfortable as I was much more miserable than with my daughter.

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What were your hcg levels like when you were 4 weeks, mine are 1800 @ 14dpo. Is that high??

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Agree with the PP. Every day is different - some days I feel like I can go until 40 weeks, others I want to beg them to come out now. Also, expect stretch marks at about 29 weeks Sad And my morning sickness came back at 29.5 weeks. Besides that, I'm great so far. I hope I make it to 37, but then I'm begging them to let me have them!

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expecting92012: my levels at 15dpo were 740, at 17dpo 1280, so not quite doubling and worrying me, then at 21days they were 10,600. I don't think it is the number itself that matters much because they can vary so much from woman to woman and even pregnancy to pregnancy, but more the doubling rate. Smile

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I lost a lot of weight with terrible morning sickness and the gained it all and lots more quickly toward the end. I was on home rest from 26 weeks on. I had no stretch marks and then BAM! I got a bazillion at the end. I got frustrated with silly singleton parents telling me to get sleep while pregnant (impossible after 32 weeks). It went by crazy slow but I'm so glad they stayed in until one day shy of 38 weeks.

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