New- need some advice

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New- need some advice

Hi everyone- I occasionally look at this forum to see what to expect and decided I would join in and ask a question.

I am between 24 and 25 weeks (expecting twin girls) and in the last couple of weeks I've been starting to have a lot of trouble breathing. I always feel like it's hard to breathe, and sometimes I start to feel very panicky because I feel like I just can't get enough air. At least several times a day now I feel like I'm having a panic attack (or what I would guess a panic attack feels like--I've never had one before) because I feel like I can't get enough air. I am terrified as I get bigger and these babies grow faster that I just won't be able breathe enough ( I know it sounds silly)

Did anyone else have this problem? What did you do? This is baby 4 and 5 for me and I never experienced this with any of my other 3 children.

Thanks for any advice.

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I would say that more than likely the babies are limiting your lung expansion as they grow. I can imagine how miserable that would be. Does sitting up help?? Usually if you lay down it makes the problem worse. I really don't have much experience as I have only had a singleton pregnancy. I remember being short of breath at the end but nothing I recall that was too bad. Maybe someone else will be able to offer more advice.

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It normal there's not a lot of space in there and the babies take up a lot of that space! I'm asthmatic so it effected me a lot but there is instead relief when they are born.