Newbie with twins on the way

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Newbie with twins on the way

Hey I'm Michelle married to Martin. I'm 35 weeks pregnant with non-identical twins. We don't know what sex they are!!! I'm surprised I have made it this far but hope to continue to at least 37 weeks.

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Wow! 35 weeks! Congratulations and welcome!

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Congrats!!! Cant wait to hear what your surprise bundles are! Will you be using 2 more 'M' names?

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congrats and welcome! I second Mel, ours were in separate sacs, but wouldn't know until they were born for sure. They had different blood types, so definitely not identical. Smile

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Welcome Michellle! And congratulations on making it past 35 weeks! You are doing great baking those LO's:):)

This board is terrific with lots of information available as well as a place to vent/ask any questions.

Has your pregnancy gone smoothly? (As smoothly as possible with twinsies in there!)

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Thanks for the insight on identicals, I just presumed since they were in seperate sacks they would be non-identical. It would be cool to have identicals, but I think for the sake of the kids, it would be good if they were non-identical.

They will be having M names!

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Hi all,

Just letting you know that this account has been removed/banned as one of our frequent "visitors".

I didn't want you worried if they disappeared and/or waste time attempting to research!

I am sorry for the disruption. Truly *most* preg with multiples are as they proclaim. I appreciate you all remaining welcoming 'til we had time to investigate.

~Missy (

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Thanks, Missy.

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ha - I had posted a reply. Should have read Missy's thing first. Blum 3

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oh well. lol