Our Little Ones Are Here! (long)

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Our Little Ones Are Here! (long)

Our little blessings are here! Our new little girl, Emery Ruth, was born Sunday, Sept. 11 at 8:21 a.m. via c-section, weighing 3 lbs. 14.5 oz. and our little boy, Jude Nicholas, arrived at 8:23 a.m. weighing 4 lbs. 7 oz. Both are in the NICU but breathing on their own. They have the c-pap tubes for now so they don't have to work so hard at it though.
Saturday morning, I woke up and just had a strange feeling that it wouldn't be much longer until the babies arrived. DH was working so I called my mom to come over and help me get a few more things organized and make lists of things that we needed to bring to the hospital and get things prepared for whoever would end up taking DS. One of my friends, who was due around the same time as me, unexpectedly had her baby during the week so I just assumed I was feeling antsy because of that.
Saturday evening, my DH and DS and I all went out for pizza to celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary. While sitting at the table, I noticed I had a few BH contractions and asked my DH to keep track of the time just to be safe. We realized that they were pretty regular at 10 minutes apart and decided to start heading to the hospital just to get things checked out. They weren't painful at all but definitely not letting up. On the way to the hospital, we dropped DS off at the in-laws and I reassured them that I really didn't think it was the real deal. DH even commented that "it just didn't feel like this was it."
We got our local hospital and the contractions were now 7 to 8 minutes apart and not letting up even once they got me checked in and laying down. I started to get a little more nervous and made sure they knew I wanted to get to the hospital with a level 3 NICU two hours away if things kept progressing. After starting me on terbutaline and procardia with no relief from the contractions they packed me up and shipped me out.
We arrived at the second hospital around 12:45 a.m. and the perinatologist there had them continue to monitor me and the babies and start mag sulfate and see if that would slow things down. On the way down, I felt the babies make a big position change because I suddenly had feet right in my rib cage where I didn't before. They tried to determine if they were still head down with an ultrasound but said that the doctor would be the one to make the call. They guessed that one might be transverse at this point though.
The contractions started to get really intense and close together. I also had continuous back labor and they didn't want to give me any pain meds until they knew if it would be a c-section or not. Then, around 2:30 a.m., the contractions stopped for about a half hour. Nothing. It was strange and I started wondering if all the meds worked but soon enough they were back and when the nurse checked my cervix it had dilated to a 4.
Finally, the doctor showed up, checked me out and let me have some much needed pain meds. He said that he just wanted to buy some time to let my last shot of steroids kick in if we could. However, both babies had turned sideways so I would be having a c-section.
At 7:00 a.m., I had dilated to a 5 and he booked the surgery for 7:45.
I was so scared! Luckily, my parents had come to the hospital during the night and my mom had been especially helpful. I know DH felt pretty helpless and wanted to help me feel better but knowing that my mom had gone through it all just helped the most. When the doctor said she could be in the delivery room along with DH, I asked her to.
After the epidural, things went so quickly and smoothly! I wish they would have determined the c-section before letting me go through labor all night. The doctors were wonderful and the anesthesiologist was amazing. He was so understanding and comforting. When Emery was born, DH went to be by her and take pictures and he offered to hold my other hand until DH got back to me. Smile My mom stayed right by my head which really helped keep me calm.
We had told the doctors that we didn't know what we were having and that I wanted DH to tell me. It was so fun because I had guessed Baby A was a girl and Baby B was a boy. So when DH said I was right I was so excited! As soon as he told me the first one was a girl I asked to name her Emery and he said yes. Then when he told me the second baby was a boy I asked him to name him as long as his middle name would be DH. Smile He picked Jude and I was so happy!
They let me kiss Emery's head and touch Jude's fuzzy hair before taking them to the NICU. They finished up the surgery and I spent an hour in recovery with DH, my mom and dad. My in-laws were on their way with DS. Once we got back to my regular room, the baby's doctor called with an update and said that we could come see the babies when I was ready. I worked getting my feet and legs working and by the time DS and my in-laws arrived we were able to all go over to the NICU.
DH and I went to see them first and talked to the doctor. Then we brought DS in and he did so good. I was worried he would be uninterested or scared but he asked a few questions and talked softly to them and even sang Jude Twinkle Little Star. Smile I asked if he liked the names and he said no, he thought they should be Finn McMissile and Holly. (From Cars 2) lol
So, now we are just waiting to hold them and feed them. The pumping isn't going so well for me yet but I'm going to keep trying. I just get frustrated because I wish I could do something! So that's about it for now! Sorry it's so long! Smile Hope everyone else is doing good!

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Omg congrats!!!! Wow 3rd pair of twins for.our. board in a week right??!! It's so I interesting to see through siblings react to their new siblings... hope u have a good recovery!

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Wow indeed!! Congratulations to you!!:):) And thanks for sharing your story so quickly. Sounds like you did great...can't wait to see pictures of your little darlings--Jude and Emery!!

And DS's reaction is soooo cute.

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Congratulations! Wow, what a surprise for you! I am so glad Emery and Jude are doing so well. Keep pumping. It should come. Maybe see if you can get a blanket or something with the babies smell on them from the NICU. That could help some. :bigarmhug:

I am surprised they let your DS in the NICU. My DS was almost 6 when the girls were born, but he had to be 11 before they would allow him in the NICU. He was so sad that he could only see his one baby sister through a window. For awhile, he didn't even believe she existed.

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Wow, congratulations! It's so wonderful that you're all doing so well. All these twins being born -- wow! It's making me happy and a little emotional!

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Wow! More babies! Congrats on you new bundles..I hope that you will all be home together soon ((HUGS))
PS... keep pumping and dont give up! I am BF the girls and if you need support PM me!

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Congrats on your little babies! Love the names! Glad to hear they are doing so well. I too am surprised ( and jealous) that they let your ds in. I had my babes over the height of h1n1, so even though they were not in the nicu, no kids under 12 allowed in at all... so they had to see them through a window.

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Congrats, glad to hear everyone is doing so well. They were great weights for how early they were. Our NICU has a rule that siblings are only allowed to see the babies on Sun. from 2-4, but the night the babies were born, they let DS see Kaylee (Bradley wasn't in the NICU yet).

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Congrats! I'm so glad you got checked out so that there was enough time to get you to the hospital you wanted. I'm not sure if you can do this, but pumping in the NICU by their side always produced more milk for me. We were off in a separate, secure room so was a bit easier for me to do that though - but the nurses were super supportive so maybe ask.
Congrats again!!

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Wow- amazing! Congratulations!

I understand you wanting to change hospitals for the NICU... With triplets on the way that is the major factor in where we deliver. We'te lucky to be in a major city. We will also be choosing a NICU with a kangaroo care program.

BTW- I love the names, especially Emery.

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Awwwww...welcome to your wee peanuts!!! Sounds like you're all doing well. Hugs to you Mamma! Congrats!

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We got to hold the babies today! It was such an amazing experience!!! I can't wait to hold them again tomorrow!!! Smile

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Awesome!! Biggrin

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Yay! That is great!

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awww! So glad you got to hold them!

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Oh congrats! Such a wonderful story.