Overwhelmed and Under Prepared

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Overwhelmed and Under Prepared

I am feeling so overwhelmed/stressed and completely unprepared for this babies. It seems like everything happens at one time. We are in the middle of trying to sell our house and work for the both of us is crazy busy and it seems like every weekend there is something going on so we can't get anything looked after for the babies. On top of that, we ordered a new vehicle that was suppose to come in the start of August but is now not coming till the start of Sept. So if the babies come early we don't have a vehicle big enough for all three of the kids. We get nothing done during the week because we are both exhausted and spend the little bit of energy we have looking after our daughter. we have the majority of need stuff for the babies but nothing set up and their room is still my daughters toy room, we haven't even starting cleaning it out. I know I'm blabbing on but I need to vent. I am so stressed out and overwhelmed with everything going on. And this pregnancy is getting harder by the day with the heat not helping the situation at all. And the mood swings, don`t get me started on the mood swings! The only up side is that my work realizes that I'm tired and is putting me on even less work duty to help me get through the day (I have a very understanding Supervisor). Sorry Ladies, I just need to vent.

Anyone else going through similar situations

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Hugs hon! There are days (and sometimes weeks) that just feel so terribly overwhelming. We did not get the babies room set up until they were a few months old, if it makes you feel any better. We had moved the kids downstairs, kind of, but had not finished cleaning out their room. The babies slept in our room and we had the box of diapers in there and a bin of clothes, and that was it, and it was okay. Smile I'm glad your work load is being lightened though, that helps! Hugs hon!

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I completely understand. My life was the same way not long ago. Just get a little bit done at a time. It will all work out in the end.

I got one crib for the boys delivered to my house the week before they were born and it was put together the weekend before they were born (they were born on Monday). It is exhausting, but you will get through it and have your sweet babies in your arms soon.