This was posted on the Sept 2011 board about Erin

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This was posted on the Sept 2011 board about Erin

"babies are coming in the next hour or so"

I am waiting on more info from her. (Ack, I want to run to the hospital RIGHT NOW!!!!!!)

Update: Erin said she started contracting and dilating, she should be going to the OR soon. She asked everyone to please pray for the girls

Erin's(bamsmom) twins are HERE!!!!!!

Baby A: Leah Claire 7lbs 7 oz. She had low blood sugar, so she is in the nurseryLeah update, she is bf'ing well!!!!!
Baby B Jocelyn Kate: 6lbs 10oz and has already bf'ed.

If you want to see pics go on the Sept 2011 board and see some, they are so cute and very hard to tell apart!

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I hope all goes well for Erin and the girls. She is 35 weeks now. She should have a neonatalologist and a NICU team in the OR with here. In Indiana, that is required for every c-section, not just pre-term births. My hope is that her babies end up as take-home babies. Keep us posted.

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All my thoughts & positive vibes are with you & your girls Erin!!!

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T&P Erin! Hope all goes well!!

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Thoughts and prayers for you and the girls Erin!!!!!:bigarmhug:

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How exciting! Those are some giant preemies, I hope all is well! Biggrin
Now off to see the September board...

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Congrats Erin! I am glad the girls are doing so well.

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yeah Erin! WTTW girls, your mom has been wanting to meet you. Smile

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Holy cow! Those are great sizes! Go momma! I hope you and both girls are doing well!

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