Preterm labor specialist app

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Preterm labor specialist app

Sorry I kinda disappeared for a while, I can only get on when I hijack DH's laptop and he decided to go on a massive homework spree and I didn't get much of a turn for a while.

Aaaaaanyway, I had an appointment with a preterm labor specialist this week; my midwife wanted me to check in and talk about progesterone etc. Absolutely fascinating appointment! I really like Dr E. We sat down and he talked to me about my history (having a previous preemie affects a lot) and it was really nice to talk to someone who wasn't ignoring me and my concerns, but he wasn't intervention-happy either.

Long story short, I'm not a good candidate for progesterone at the moment. I guess it's proven in single pregnancies but doesn't really affect twins (not for just the sake of them being twins anyway, there has to be something else going on) and since my cervix is still long they're just going to watch me for now and if/when it starts to shorten we'll go from there.

Best part of the app? I got him to fill out the application to get a handicapped hang tag for my van. YAY! Pretty excited about that. Not that I'll use it tons, but it'll come in handy for when I do go out. Smile

And I've decided simultaneous hiccups are

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Aw! I miss baby hiccups, and times two! Smile Yes, that hang tag will be nice as you get bigger and bigger! Glad it was a good appt!

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I am glad you had a good appt. Biggrin

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Glad you had a good appt but jealous that you got a tag. I also had to waddle my big butt because the expectant mother parking was ALWAYS taken!

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Sounds like a good appt- especially for the tag.

I did ivf so I've been on some form of progesterone since my transfer. I did crinone during the 2ww, then after my BFP I took progesterone tablets twice a day plus PIO shots twice a week. At 13 weeks my cervix was long, over 4 cm. At that point, we stopped PIO and tablets and changed to progesterone suppositories twice a day. At my 16 wk appt my cervix was down to 3cm. I'm now wondering if I should ask my peri about going back on the shots or tablets... At my next appt next wk, doc will most likely put me on modified beseech and have me go on leave. I'll only be 18 wks!