Progesterone shots?

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Progesterone shots?

I talked to my midwife on the phone this week about my contractions and now I'm scheduled for a consultation with the MFM group to talk about getting weekly progesterone shots to hopefully keep the babies in longer.

Any experience with this? Thoughts? I realized later that day (after I was off the phone) that I usually get contractions when I'm hungry, so maybe if I can keep something in my tummy I don't need the shots?

Would LOVE input from you guys!

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I am on bed rest to prevent pre-term labor because of a funneling cervix. If/when the contractions get bad I have to go in to the hospital for terbutaline.

I have heard of progesterone shots just from the Internet and thought it was more of an IVF thing so I looked it up ( and on the March of Dimes website it says you have to have already had a pre-term baby and be currently pregnant with a singleton. It looks like there's research to suggest it doesn't help in twin pregnancies (e.g. but I keep reading about how bed rest supposedly doesn't help either and I can assure you that I have had WAY WAY WAY fewer contractions since leaving work. So I guess what I'm saying is you just do what you have to do to keep them in! Are there concerns that you might not reach term with these babies?

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I have been having a lot of issues with contractions. One thing to do is make sure you are staying really hydrated. If you are not well hydrated, you will definitely get more contractions.

I don't know about progesterone for contractions--perhaps because you are early in the pregnancy?

I have been on Procardia to limit my contractions for a couple weeks now. I started at 3 times a day and am up to 4 times a day.

Are the contractions causing cervical changes? Best of luck to you!!

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well, i was an ivf'er so...
I was on the shot once a week my whole pregnancy. they weren't bad, but my hubby gives himself a shot every week for ms - so he's good at it. I really just found it annoying more than anything.

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My second son was a preemie, born at 35w 6d when my water sprung a leak. He got to come home with me and our only complication was jaundice... at least until he got RSV at 6 weeks, then he was immediately admitted to the hospital since he was a preemie and that was fun. Anyway...

I've had early contractions with all my other kids so I know they're a little concerned, but I'm noticing if I eat something or get off my feet when I start having contractions they go away, so I'll probably just tell them I don't want to worry about it right now. I have a friend who has to have it during her first trimester to help her hang on to her babies (lots of previous miscarriages) but I've never heard of it in the second tri, so I thought I'd ask. ^_^

Thanks ladies!

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I had 2 preemie babies so with my last pregnancy I was put on daily progesterone suppositories. If they are concerned about preterm labor, and you feel that you don't need to go that route, maybe you could suggest this option to give you some comfort.

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I took progesterone by mouth for the first trimester because of previous miscarriages. I haven't heard much about for the second or later. But I agree with triplespiral, you do what you have to to keep them in. I know they say bedrest doesn't help, but my 8wks of bedrest helped keep my babies in.. and even if it didn't, I had to know I had done all that I could in my power. Smile

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I agree with the others. With a multiple pregnancy, your water intake needs to really ramp up. My MFM even said I could drink kool-aid and Gatorade in limited quantities to try to keep myself hydrated. I believe I drank about a gallon of water per day. If I didn't, I would definitely contract more often. I also made sure to lay down twice a day. Napping was important.

I have heard of the use of progesterone in cases where they are concerned about a pregnancy making it to term. Progesterone helps to keep muscles calm, so it should help with the contractions. I don't know that it will definitely help you get to term, but it might decrease the frequency of contractions. Also, as my MFM said, there is never too much progesterone during pregnancy. I didn't need any additional progesterone after the first trimester.

I have also read similar things about bedrest. It is really just that it is hard to conduct research studies with such things as progresterone and bedrest. When the life of a baby (or babies) is in jeopardy, no one is going to deny you a possible treatment that could work. So, you cannot separate women into treatment/no treatment groups. Pregnant women and children are protected groups in research studies. Which means there are things you cannot do to conduct a research study that will yield more reliable results. So, whether bedrest works or not, who knows? However, if it helps you rest more and keeps you less stressed, then it is worth it.