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My DH asked me a question yesterday that I thought I would ask you ladies as well. He asked what I was most excited for when the babies are born?
Me: I'm most excited to just hold them and meet them and for their big sister to meet them. My DH is most excited to share them with everyone and "show them off" as he put it!

So, what are you most excited for?

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I'm excited to meet them myself and nurse them! I'm not that anxious to have to share them w/ anyone else.

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I am most excited to meet them, see that they are ok, and see the pure love that I know will shine from my DH. Then the selfish side of me is excited to start getting some of my physical self back, I'm not talking body shape as much as no swelling, no rash, able to sleep - that type of stuff. Oh, AND I'm hopeful their birth will be a boost to my dad to get out of the hospital! (he's had a tough time recovering/rehabbing from lung reduction surgery)

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I must confess - my first reaction was to say - I will be most happy about not being prego anymore.

I think it is just due to where I am at in this pregnancy. The end is rough.

but I can't wait to see what they look like. Even though I have had tons of u/s - I still have not seen baby A's face. He always hides from the camera.

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i cant wait till they are here i see that they are both okay and to hold them i cant wait to see my sons reaction see if the love that he has for them in my belly continues when they are out.. the selfish side says that it will be over with that i wont be so sore i wont have to travel so much and people commenting on how big i am etc..

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I was most excited to nurse them and love on them. Smile

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I was most excited to see and hold them. Of course it was nice not to be pg anymore. But that first week of recovery was hard. I think at the time I would rather have still been pg... Smile

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I was excited to not be pregnant anymore and to see what they looked like

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Honestly, I think I'm still too nervous to think too far ahead. We're working on names and we got some used twin gear that's hidden away in the garage, but I'm still thinking like, "If this pregnancy results in two children then..."

I'm already feeling uncomfortable with the weight of the belly and sleeping on my side (and I know I haven't experienced anything yet!) so it'll be nice not to be pregnant.

I do agree with whomever that was that admitted to not wanting to share the babies right away! I'm really afraid of potentially having a c-section under general anesthesia and stupidly my biggest worry at the moment is that anyone other than the doctors, nurses, or my boyfriend gets to hold the babies before I do. I don't think I'm normally that crazy jealous about things that haven't happened but the pregnancy crying began yesterday (in a mall bathroom stall for no reason), so I'm full-on nuts at this point.

What were we talking about? Ramble, ramble, cry, cry...