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The post about Steph and the triplets have me wondering.

Is blood sugar dropping a bad thing? This weekend my blood sugar has been dropping and continues to drop. This morning my fasting number was in the 60's. I have stopped taking my GD medicine and am eatting whenever I get a low number. However, there is definitely a noticeable change. I have been struggling with blood sugar the entire time I have been testing, now my GD seems to be magically going away. Should I be concerned?

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That is a good question and I dont have an answer! I can tell you that will really low #'s (as a diabetic) can put you at risk for passing out etc. So I would assume that it is that same for GD. You need to be really careful with sugar reading as low as in the 60's that can be dangerous!
*I took my 1 hr test on Friday, I hope to get a good report on Monday!