Questions for first appt with Specialist?
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Thread: Questions for first appt with Specialist?

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    Default Questions for first appt with Specialist?

    Hi Ladies,

    I'm starting to meet with specialists this week- I've been given a few referrals for perinatologists and I decided to meet with a few different ones before deciding on a doctor and hospital. So I'm wondering what questions I should be prepared to ask?

    Some things on my list:
    -delivery options
    -schedule of visits
    -the doctor's experience with triplets (and identicals)
    -the hospital's nicu info
    -my nutrition and exercise

    Anything else? I'm sure there are lots that I'm not even aware of. I would really appreciate any advice or suggestions that you could offer.


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    Wow, triplets! Congratulations, Nicole! I actually haven't met with a perinatologist at all and your list seems pretty thorough to me. I think asking about the identicals' placentas would be key, too.

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    Looks good to me...thinks are little different in Canada, we don't get to pick our doctors, but we got really lucky and got an awesome doctor. The most important think is that you are comfortable and trust that doctor.
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    I would ask about the odds of TTTS (Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome) with the identicals, as well as, what the typical monitoring would be like if TTTS was discovered. Also, what tends to be the average delivery of multiples with TTTS?

    Also, how does the doctor check/assess the odds of preterm labor? At 24 weeks, my MFM (perinatalogist) started fetal fibronectin tests and assessed my cervical length every two weeks.

    When do they start and how often do they conduct biophysical profiles (BPP)?

    I would also ask if there is anything that you need to know that you have not asked.

    If I think of anything else, I will post. It looks like you have a lot covered.
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    I just wanted to see how you were doing. I had to check up on your progress, and I hope everything is going great so far.

    I'll be thinking of you!!!
    Brenda & Scott

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