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Quick update

Just a quick update....

I have been thinking of you ladies. I will catch up on all the posts as soon as I can. I hope everything is continuing to go well for everyone. Biggrin

My recovery has been rough. Thank goodness my pregnancy was good because since I have had them I have had nothing but problems. The boys themselves are great little babies. I can't complain about them at all.

My DD who is almost two got a stomach bug about the same time I came home from the hospital. She has had diahera (sp?) and has been throwing up for 5 or 6 days now. I unfortunately got whatever she has had. I can't eat anythng and haven't been able to for days. I also got a lovely rash from head to toe yesterday as well. It itches really bad. My DH hasn't exactly been helpful at night so I am just drained. Trying to take care of two newborns, a sick toddler, recovering from a bad surgery, while being sick myself has been awful to say the least. The last two days my swelling has finally started to go down though, so that is good and my mom is helpinng out watching the boys for me so I can try to get some rest. It is almost impossible to sleep with how sore my stomach is, how much I itch, and my stomach is upset.

I pray sometime soon I will feel like myself again.

I think I need to get everyone packed up and head to the dr. One of the boys also looks like he is starting to get eye infection. It is matted over.

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Oh wow, Jennie, it certainly sounds like you're going through a lot! It's great that your mom is able to help you care for the new little ones so you can try to get some rest. I hope you recover quickly and are feeling much better soon.

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I am so scared now. I'm so sorry that you are having a rough recovery. I glad that the babies are doing so well. Hopefully you and the family are feeling better.

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You poor, poor thing. I cannot imagine a recovery like you have had. I will keep thinking of you and hoping you get well soon.

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Hugs Jennie! I'm sorry recovery has been so awful for you, and adding a sick toddler and then getting it yourself! You poor thing, this just sucks!

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Jennie I have been thinking and praying alot for you! I hope that soon everyone will be well and you can enjoy this special time!

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Well, I got everyone to the dr. Let me tell you, that was an adventure. The twins are manageable but add a toddler to a the mix and it is choas.

Turns out DD has strep throat and a stomach virus. We decided to give her a shot instead of 10 days of antibiotics because she has already had 6 days of diherea (sp) and is gaurenteed another 10 days of it if she takes medicine. There is nothing they can do for the stomach bug but wait it out.

Both boys have eye infection in thier left eye. They now have cream to apply to thier eyes twice a day. Otherwise, they look good though and are growing nicely.

AFM - I am doing better today. I finally ate for the first time in over a week. I think I have finallly turned the corner. Smile

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Strep, stomach virus, and eye infections! Oh my! Hugs hon. I really hope and pray things ease up soon for you!

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No offence, but I think your hubby needs a kick in the bum! Why isn't he helping you out? Does he work?

I'm so sorry you've had to go through all this. I hope everything goes better for you in the coming months! :vibes:

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Wow Jennie,

You sure have been through the ringer!! I am glad that things are on the upswing however and that you got meds for DS--that shot usually works fairly quickly. Still, don't overdo it!!! Take care of yourself--you are doing an awesome Mommy-job.:)