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Did you do anything to get your milk volume up or did it naturally come in enough for two? I nursed my other two kids and MORE than enough milk, but I'm nervous for some reason I won't have enough for both of them. I've been reading a nursing multiples book and they say pump a lot and nurse a lot so your body knows. What did you do?

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Not Rachel, but for me pumping has been key. I heard from many twin moms that they had to supplement for some length of time but finally got to 100% breastmilk at 1, 2, or 3 months. I just got there last week. Not a single ounce of formula in a week! It is a major major effort to breastfeed two though. I exclusively breastfeed one and exclusively pump for the other (I gave up trying to boob her, it didn't work out after huge efforts.)

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You should post this on the parents board. There's a bunch of us that BFed for an extended pd. I asked the same question when I was pregnant and got some good advice.