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Registry Help

Now that I'm 20 weeks (tomorrow) and know the genders, you will be hearing from me a lot. Smile
I need all the help I can get.

My shower has been scheduled for Dec 17. I know that sounds early, but we thought Jan. would be too late with bed rest likely on the horizon at some point (I'll be about 29 weeks on New Years).

I went to Babies-R-Us last week to start registering. They were absolutely NO help. It's like they have never seen a twin mom before - couldn't even collapse the twin stroller. I had to figure it out myself. And they couldn't help me figure out what I needed.

So BTDT moms and soon-to-be-moms, what do I need on my registry. More importantly, how much of everything do I need? Double what a singleton would need?

I'm going this weekend to register, so any advice is most welcomed!!!!!!!

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I just wanted to say good call on the shower date! That's not early AT ALL. Mine was at 29 weeks, I got permission from my OB to go ahead with it the DAY BEFORE, and it left me completely and utterly miserable with non-stop contractions for two days afterwards. (But it was fantastic and worth it!) Originally they were going to do it this weekend. HA! So glad I asked for the change early on! There's absolutely NO WAY I could leave the house at this point.

As for stuff ... I have no clue. No. Clue. We have piles of things and I guess there are things you'll want to make sure you get like 2 car seats, maybe a double snap-n-go to use at first (I'll be getting a better stroller down the road), and a my brest friend, and a pump. Uh ... yeah, I don't know. People have just been giving me their used stuff. And when I hear something is an absolute necessity (like a swing), we find a way to get one. I found registering was useless anyway since no one wanted to buy the practical things we need like butt cream and diapers. We got loads of clothing. I mean, it's great. We didn't register for any and it all worked out perfectly in terms of a range of sizes.

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Its hard to say what you need because every baby is different and enjoys different things. You def need the essentials, diapers, wipes, lots of recieving blankets (in case they spit up alot like mine do) but as for swings and bouncy chairs etc it hard to know. I have both of everything and it turns out Brad hates the swing. Hes happier to be on his belly on the play mat or in his pack'n'play then in either his swing or chair. And kaylee doesn't enjoys the bouncy chair either so they just sit in the corner collecting dust. Bumboo chairs are great though and come in handy. I wouldn't buy too much clothes either. I bought a bunch of outfits that matched in the same size and can't wear them on them at the same time because they are in different sizes (hes in 0-3 now and shes still in Newborn). Ofcourse if you plan to bottle feed get LOTS of bottles and formula. I supplemented and couldn't believe how many bottles they went through and how quickly the formula was gone. Oh and I know some ppl think its a waste because you have to change them so often, but I LOVE my diaper genie for the fact it masks the smell of the poop and that its easier to dispose of.

Hope this helps. If I think of anything else, I'll let you know Smile

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The diaper genies do mask the smell... for now.. once they eat solids it does not work as well. Smile

And Krista is right.. hard to know what each kid will like... I would get one swing, one bouncer, etc, and if they like them, pick up another later. If someone offers you one used... take it. I have the oldest baby swing, got to be mid-90s if not earlier, no music, just swings back to front on 2 speeds, but it works, I think it bored them to sleep, instead of potentially voer stimulating them. I used one bouncer for quite a while, for both babies, until they got bigger. Double stroller is of course nice, but I think the snap n go will work for a while until you know more what you want.

Register for dipes and wipes and formula if needed. Maybe a baby bath seat or two? Good luck!

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I thought of one more thing that most ppl don't think of...rechargable batteries in all size. Everything baby and toddler requires batteries. I know it sounds stupid but you'll save a lot of money on batteries doing it this way:)

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Double Snap and Go stroller!!!!
receiving blankets
burp clothes (cloth diapers)
White noise machine
cool mist humidifer
Boppy pillow
wipe warmer
LOTS AND LOTS of diapers and wipes! We were going thru about 25 diapers per day for the 1st 6 wks. Now its about 16 per day.
Breastpads and supplies
Sleepers and gowns will be all they live in and onesies for the 1st few months..get plenty!
Co-sleeper? Bassinet?

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- aquaphor! Our NICU used it every time and we continued, 15 weeks no diaper rash.
- super expensive, but my kids will CRASH in a nap nanny. We only have one and I would KILL for three. Maybe put it on in case someone wants to get something expensive or a group gift? Also, I like that the kiddos are napping reclined instead of scrunched down from a swing or bouncy.
- Swings, try to register for one that plugs in. I didn't think of it, but randomly got one as a gift, no batteries = fab!
- Bottles, keep what you do get in the boxes to possibly return. We rec'd a bunch of what we registered for (Tommee Tippee) and don't use them...but can't return them b/c they were washed/put away by someone wanting to help us out. We don't use a sterilizer at all, just the dishwasher when we want to.
- I can't have enough blankets, Carters makes some bigger than normal receiving blankets that let us swaddle a little longer.
- waterproof pads - bassinet and crib size, also the changing table ones
- tons of bedding, cloth diapers, bibs, burp cloths we go through like crazy
- We have two bouncys, had one swing and just bought a second mini/portable swing I love.
- If you want to register for clothes, do so in larger sizes b/c everyone will buy small stuff anyway b/c it's so darn cute. We had a hard time getting through all the nb stuff, hardly used the preemie, but I'm keeping for dolls later. Smile
- will you need any baby gates?
- high chairs/bumbos - we got all we reg for. High chairs, we reg for the space saving that attach to your own kitchen chairs since we don't have room for three (live in small base housing unit).

Do you have an experienced mom you can take with you since BRU is no help? I took my SIL w/me after to amend the registry since she knows more.
Good Luck!!

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Thanks everyone!! This has really helped. I'm taking your lists with me. Great advice on only getting one swing and not opening all our bottles! Much appreciated! Smile

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Oh and Meg, I don't know if you plan on joining a parents of multiples club, but the one here has an online forum where everyone swaps/sells gear. It has already saved us close to a billion dollars and might be worth looking into!

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Thanks for the advice! Do you have the link for a good one? Thanks!!! Smile

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They make velcro swaddlers. Those were lifesavers for us. Register for some of those.

We had tons of burp clothes and needed a ton of bibs because K had reflux. We had about 16 bottles, but wait for those until after the babies arrive. I thought I was being smart by buying some before they came and S had some feeding issues and could only use Dr. Brown bottles. So, you never know what will work for your babies. K loved Avent and S had to have Dr. Brown. So, we ended up with two different sets of bottles. --8 for each--

We only used one baby bath. We just bathed them separately until they could sit up on their own, then one would semi-recline in the baby bath and the other sat up on the other side. It worked out well.

We still go through quite a few diapers a day. I think we are down to about 8-10 per day. I know that some people don't like diaper genies, but I agree that they are awesome. We tried the Diaper Champ and hated it. It smells so bad. The Diaper Genie still traps the odors for us. We rarely smell the girls diapers. I would definitely register for at least one. We have two, but only use one. We used two with my DS, one upstairs and one downstairs.

We also use Aquaphor with every diaper change. The girls do get a rash, but I think it is because daycare does not use it with every change. I have to remind them on occasion. Also, solid foods make it easier to get a rash. S can get a rash as soon as she has a dirty diaper. It doesn't matter how fast I grab her and change her. Also, Butt Paste is a godsend for bad diaper rash. It really gets the red down FAST. Sometimes, I combine Butt Paste and Aquaphor and I can get rid of rash in one to two diaper changes.

Infant tylenol, gas drops, baby wash, lotion--those are all good to register for as well.