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Oh man, you guys ... the world must be playing some sort of horrible joke on me. I started barfing again! It's not the first trimester fourteen weeks of non-stop hurling and unable to eat type thing, thank God, just some rather uh ... large-volume occasional :puke2: from the small village of fetuses beating up my stomach.

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LOL, I love how you describe everything. when I hit the 3rd trimester my morning sickness came back but nothing like the starting of the pregnancy. Hopefully babies will stop kicking you and making you vomit!

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I've been feelin queasy again too. Ugh....
Sometimes life just isn't fair. Wink

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Unfortunately, all of our organs get all moved around and squished. With multiples, it is like a million times worse than a singleton. I took prescription Zantac everyday from the start of the second trimester. My doc prescribed Reglan near the end, but I didn't end up taking it. Side effects were too scary. However, I will say that if I had been vomiting, I probably would have taken it. It helps speed up digestion some. I was having issues with feeling really full and getting indigestion from trying to eat enough for all 3 of us. :bigarmhug:

Oh, and not to scare you, but I still have some issues with my stomach. I think the girls damaged some of the smooth muscle. I end up with indigestion much easier now. It sucks! I have to watch my protein and fried food intake. Not that I eat a lot of fried foods, but I have to be careful if I want to indulge in an occasional yummy order of McD's fries. Biggrin