So Happy...

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So Happy...

I feel so happy right now and I have quite a few reason to be happy:yahoo: We finally got the nursery set up:yahoo:. The crib and dresser is set up and everything is in its place (minus the second crib that still needs to be purchased). I have all the blankets, bibs, etc organized and all the clothes cleaned and put away. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. There is still a few things to get but nothing that has to be bought right away. Plus, I got the overnight bag for the babies packed and ready to go Yahoo I still have to pack mine but I was more concerned with their bag than mine. Mine needs less stuff anyway. We finally got a date of arrivial for the new vehicle:yahoo: which was a huge concern for me because our current vehicle will not fit all 3 kids. And I'm 32 weeks Yahoo which means that I only have 3 weeks left of work and 5 more before the babies are here forsure. Now, we just need to agree on a name for the girl and everything will be great. I finally feel like I can get excited for the babies because I am actually prepared for their arrivial...which hopefully isn't for another 5 weeks.

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Doesnt it feel great to get things marked off the "to do list"!

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Excellent!! You should be excited...and proud!!!:):):yahoo:

(I am jealous!!)

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Sounds great! All ready to go now. Smile

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Go momma! Smile

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Yay!!! Good luck!

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Excellent! I can't even believe you're still working AND getting all that done. Go you!! Smile