Tinker_toy88 had her babies

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Tinker_toy88 had her babies

She is also on my Sept 2011 board and this AM we got an update from a friend!

Not sure of the details on why and how but they arrived via Emergency C/S.

Sydney is 4lbs 11 oz and Zoey is 4lbs 8oz. She said they had to be transferred to another hospital but are doing good and will give me more info soon...

Erin, I hope all is well with you and the girls and that we will get to see pics soon!!!!

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So exciting...can't wait to hear more details.

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I am glad everyone is doing well.

Congrats and welcome to the world Sydney and Zoey!

Can't wait to hear more and hopefully see pics.

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Can't wait for the updates. I hope they're all doing well!

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congrats!! Can't wait to hear more!