Triplet check up

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Triplet check up

The babies and I got a great check up. I am 28 weeks and bp is 122/73. Cervix was 3.8 no funneling with pressure. The babies are all a little above average for singletons baby A is 2 pounds 5 oz baby b 2 pounds 6 oz and c is 2 pounds 9 ozs. Baby b was wiggling like crazy. I personally think he is a little bigger than they said. We got an 8 out of 8 on the bpp! She did not even make me do the nst because the score was so good. She is a new and young mfm and I feel like this is her first time with triplets. She wants a bpp by ultrasound twice a week. This sounds like alot. When I asked the on about it he said it was a little aggressive. He said if I came in next week and got a 6 out of 8 they would not deliver them. I am so confused. Seems like a ton of appointments. Once a week at mfm and once at ob, then at ob I have to make sure I also have an appt with the dr. Don't I need to be resting! I am going to talk to my primary ob next week and see what he says. How often were you all monitored?

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my SIL went through similar appointments with her triplets - they boys are now 15!