Twins are here

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Twins are here

They're here. After a long 2 days, Bradley David was born sept 6 @ 8:51pm 5lb 12 oz nautrally and Kaylee Marie @10:00pm via emergency c-section. Brad is doing great and is with us but Kaylee is in the nursery and we are hoping if she can keep her blood sugar up we can have her by tomorrow. Will tell LONG birth story later.

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Congrats! I cannot wait to hear your birth story and see some pictures of your cuties!

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Congratulations, Krista! What wonderful news that they're here. I hope Kaylee's nursery stay is short. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos! :D:D:D

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2 days?! Wow....well, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So happy for you:) Hope that Kaylee gets her blood sugar up so she can join you and her brother.

Again congratulations!! Wonderful job...can't wait for photos and birth story when you have the time.

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I can't wait to hear more Smile

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Congratulations! Biggrin I definitely cannot wait to hear more. Get some rest while you can.

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