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I've only got two more days until my ultrasound and next appointment! Eeeeee!! I'm excited and anxious and just trying to keep busy... oh goodness.

It's not just *the* ultrasound, but I get to meet with at least one of the MFM group and then I'll have my appointment with the most senior of the midwife group (I'm glad I called to ask who was on, I'm really excited it's D), so I have a million questions to ask.

I made a list... let me know if I'm missing anything? I don't want to forget something cuz I'm being pregnant... anyway, here's what I've got written down:

Who am I seeing? MFM or CNM group (I think I'd like to switch to the MFM group, JIC)
How high risk IS this pregnancy, considering my history and current issues?
What'll be the appointment schedule with twins?
Talk about random pelvic pressure, cramp in my leg, sex, can I do yoga, my weight (or lack thereof...)
I'm having contractions already, it's normal for me but does having twins change that, how much am I watching them etc
What are my delivery options? OR obviously, but do I have to have an epi line or can I go without, what's the rate here for vaginal twins?

WDYT? Am I missing anything?


Oh.... and any guesses for team blue, pink, or purple?

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Team Pink is my guess!!! I'm excited for you!!!

I can't want to hear the BTDT answers to your questions. I don't even know what to ask.

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All of those questions sound great! Given that you are already contracting, I would also ask when they will start regular NSTs. Also, when do they want you to call if contractions are becoming more frequent. I believe my MFM said that if I had more than 4 or 6 contractions in an hour, I had to call and come in for a NST. So, it is important to know when you need to call. Although, they may give you handouts on all of that as well.

If you are overly concerned about food and weight, you can ask about a referral to a nutritionist. My MFM offered it if I was really concerned.

As for guesses, I have no idea. Since you have boys already, I am going to hope for pink for you. Maybe pink and blue? Biggrin

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Sounds very complete!

I don't know if your experience will differ much, but I feel like they refused to talk to me about a lot of this stuff prior to 20 weeks. They have been much more open since the babies reached viability and especially now that they're practicing their breathing.

My OB still won't discuss delivery options very directly with me (as of 29 weeks). I was able to meet with an anesthesiologist at maybe 25 weeks-ish though because I had some concerns with my spine and whether I'd be able to get a spinal or epidural. I know who in the practice is willing to do a vaginal birth and under what circumstances but it's all very general at this point and I understand it's pretty much a 99% chance or greater that I'll have a c-section.

I'd ask about the contractions, too. My contractions started at 16 weeks and at 18 weeks I was told to stop exercising, even taking the dog for a walk, even though at that point the contractions weren't doing anything. The contractions didn't start messing with my cervix until 26 weeks when I was put on modified bedrest.

A couple of other things to consider...

I felt ridiculous doing the maternity wing tour and taking classes ridiculously early but I still had to miss some so plan on being out early if there's much you want to do in the way of preparation at home and doing classes. I'd ask if they have a "usual" time to be taken out of work and/or put on bedrest, while obviously realizing that it's different for everyone.

I'm going to a different hospital (higher level NICU) if they're born before a certain time. I don't know if you have something like that, too, but ask where you should go right now if there's a problem. And since you're at 19 weeks, be prepared to LIE if you go to the ER! I had to go at 19 weeks 6 days and they wouldn't let me go to L&D, I had to be seen by an ER doc, because I wasn't yet 20 weeks.

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If they won't talk delivery options, I'm switching providers. I'm pretty cranky about stuff like that.

OOooh, ER vs L&D was one of my questions, I forgot to put it on the list. My due date isn't calculated by my period right now, so maybe I use that instead...*lol*

There's actually a pretty high level NICU at the hospital I'm supposed to deliver at, so I think we'll stay there either way. That's good to know it's something to consider though. I hope it doesn't matter.... but with twins you never know.

I'm not working, right now I'm at home with my three kids and I'm trying to limit my activity... and still having contractions. I ended up on bedrest with the last two, so I'm sure it's an eventuality with this pregnancy. I'm currently trying to get some help lined up so I can stay off longer (like putting my kids to bed on the one night a week DH is in class too late to help) and finding those that can help out when I DO end up on some kind of bedrest.

Thanks for all your input ladies. I can't WAIT!! EEeeee!

Less than 24 hours... not that I'm counting. Wink

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Wow- you ladies are chalk full of info. I need to remember this thread in a few months.

Just wanted to say good luck on your appt!