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U/S today

I had an ultrasound today and everything looks good. They are getting big and both weigh over a lb...BUT... I was a little concerned because both babies were measuring a week behind. The techician keep reassuring me that these are estimates and that both babies were not in optimal postions for measurement but I was still worried. My doctor say the results right after and he didn't seem to concerned either, he was quite pleased actually.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this, if the measurments were always right where they should be or if they were a little behind. I know that if my doctor isn't concerned I shouldn't be but its hard not to be.

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I think they are easily mis-measured, and I think they have growth spurts as well. I had an u/s at 35wks with my dear son, and they changed my due date because of it, so said he was more like 33-34 wks, he was born one week later, at 36wks weighing 6lbs 10oz and 19 in, which is huge for a preemie. Smile So at that point, I lost some stock in u/s measurements. lol

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The farther along you get, the more their growth can vary from what it "should" be according to how far along you are. My babies measured behind as well because I have small babies, just like women who have big babies will most likely measure ahead of their due date, kwim?

As long as they are getting bigger compared to the last time they were measured, you should be good. If your doc isn't concerned, then you shouldn't be concerned either.

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It sounds like everything looked good on your u/s.

Like others have said - the u/s aren't very accurate for weight and some people have slightly smaller and some have slightly larger babies. I would not worry about them being small - especially if your dr isn't.