Ultrasound and great midwife appointment!!

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Ultrasound and great midwife appointment!!

I had my ultrasound!! Everyone is growing well and looking good, measuring on time or a little ahead, I'm very pleased.

And... we're having two more boys!! Surprise! Smile

After my ultrasound I had a great appointment with my midwife and I'm SO happy about it! We talked delivery options and should I switch and all sorts of stuff and she said I'm a good candidate for a vaginal, natural birth since the twins are di-di and I've had kids before and so far I'm doing alright.

If I DO end up with a C section, one of the midwives will come with so I'm not on my own with someone I've never met, which I appreciate.

She said I'm not automatically high risk and they'll just keep an eye on me and we'll kind of take it one thing at a time.

I'm just really pleased with how it went and I feel great about the ultrasound and everything. Smile Had to come in and share.

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:woohoo: This is great news! I am also glad to hear the twins are di-di. Biggrin I am glad they are growing so well too.

I really figured that they would do what they could to make sure that you can try for a vaginal birth. As long as those babies get themselves in a great head down position, I am sure that you will get that chance.

Now, you are going to be a full house of blue!! Your DH sure likes to create boys, huh? Lol

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Yay!!!! This is great news all around. I think you might take the route my pregnancy's taking & just have a "normal" uncomplicated pregnancy. I've literally had no issues, Baby A is head down & I'm planning an unmedicated, vaginal birth. Hope you enjoy this crazy twin ride. It's challenging sometimes...but I think that's true of any pregnancy.


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WOW, 5 boys?!?!?! GOD-FREAKIN-BLESS-YOU, woman!!!!!!!! You're my hero. Congrats!!!

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Congrats on two more boys! Smile You must be one heck of a mom for 5 boys! Smile I saw a bumper sticker the other day on a suburban, it said, "Boys R Us", I think you need that! Smile

Glad you can stay with your midwife and have her there should you need a c/s. And yay for di/di twins, relief there! Smile

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Thanks. Smile I'm just glad everyone is looking healthy. They only missed one measurement/shot of something, but they said they'd get it next month since I'll be coming back for another ultrasound. Fun fun.

I'll be talking to a dr who specialized in preterm birth next week to discuss progesterone (somehow it slipped through the cracks this week) so we'll see if I end up on the shots or not. I've been trying to keep drinking and stay off my feet and I think I'm doing alright with them right now and my cervix was measuring nice and long, so I'm not sure if they'll be helpful or not... we'll see what he says. It was king of nice to hear "well, this isn't our area of expertise, let's get you in to someone else for that", so I know I'll be well taken care of.

I think the funniest part about DH creating boys is he wants a girl more than *I* do I think! He loves his boys though, so we'll just enjoy them and probably try again for a girl... LATER. Not ready to think about another pregnancy again right now. Lol

I'm 20 weeks today, so in my book I'm definitely over halfway. Yay!

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yay for 1/2 way. Smile Hopefully eventually you'll get your girl with lots of overprotective big brothers. Smile Glad you have good care!