Update on my twins: 10 days old..pictures :)

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Update on my twins: 10 days old..pictures :)

My Sofia and Levi are 10 days old...(well, now 11 since it is morning).

They are doing very well in the NICU. They are both taking all their feedings by bottle (no more IV or tubes--yipee). They need to get some more meat on their bones so that they can maintain their temperature so they can get out of the isolettes.

They are both gaining weight wonderfully and have both surpassed/made it to their birth weights...Levi is up to 3 lbs 11 oz (born at 3-6) and Sofia is up to 3lbs 9 oz (born at 3-9). Levi was bigger on all ultrasounds except for the last one, so I think he is "supposed" to be bigger than she is. I think his knot in his cord must have been restricting his input those last couple weeks.

Sofia has B episodes, but only a couple times a day, and only when she is feeding. I have been told that is "good" and easier to improve quickly.

I am so exhausted from pumping round the clock!! I pump every 2-3 hours to try to get my supply up...I think I am doing well (getting 5-6 oz a session?!?! is that "appropriate"?) Right now it is more than enough to supply them with enough for feedings, but I am not sure how quickly they will increase their need and I need to make sure to keep up.

Levi is able to latch on and breastfeed some. I try 2 times a day with him. Sofia is not so into it. Hopefully as she matures she will be able to.

Here are a few updated photos of my sweeties....I am so in love!! They are such calm and sweet tempered babies:icecream::icecream:

Darling Sofia:

Dear Levi:


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What fantastic news! Those babies are just precious and adorable. I am glad things are going so well. I hope that pumping continues to go well also. Keep us updated!

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aww! They are sooo darling! Glad to hear they are doing so well!

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Happy to hear about all the progress!!

I love love love the picture of them together Smile

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Sounds like they are both doing so well! And they are just beautiful. Congrats!

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Ok, so I missed a bunch postings...must have been busy with babies. I thought my guys were small. They are adoreable.