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So I was supposed to have an US yesterday, but I got my appt times confused and the tech could not squeeze me in so I had to go back today. It was just a growth scan and both girls are measuring exactly the same 5lbs 14 oz.... :eek: They are heads down still and looked great. We could see some peach fuzz on their heads too :razz:

I also wanted to update my other post. I think I am going to pass on the amnio. I just cant do it..... I want my babies to come home with me and if my body is ready by 8/31 then great, but if not I will just have to suck it up and keep going. I might try some old wives tales etc in the next couple weeks, but I wont be doing anything else. Although, I think I will also have to live on Tylenol for these last weeks to be able to keep going...the pain is too much.

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Glad to hear that they both look great!! And big!:eek: Great job you have done there momma!!!

A wonderful decision....hang in there. It really truly won't be long now until you are holding your sweet girls in your arms.:)

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I was just reading that balsamic vinegar works ... salads and sex for you!

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So glad the girls are looking so good...and big. I think you made the right decision. They will come when you are ready, which you never know may be before Aug 31. I'm so sorry that you are in pain, hang in there Mama, you are doing an amazing job and it'll all be over so soon and you'll be holding your LOs.

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Yay for a great u/s. What fantastic weights. My girls were not even estimated to be that big at 37 weeks. My twins were so small (more due to genes than pregnancy complications). Hence part of my reasoning for really trying to help you think about that early elective c-section.

I am glad you were able to make a decision you are comfortable with. I truly believe it is going to be the best for those babies. I had one take-home and one NICU twin and I don't wish that on anyone. If circumstances had been different, I would have loved to keep those babies growing for longer. K was 5 lb. 7 oz. and S was 4 lb, 5 oz. She was our feeder and grower in the NICU and I still have a lot of worries about her. My girls were born at 37 w, 1 d.

Do your best to relax and rest these last few weeks. You need it. Make your family and hubby wait on you and do most of the work. Your job is to keep those babies growing and to take care of yourself.

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My OB will schedule my csection for 9/6 I suppose if I decline the amnio. We will discuss this further during my appt next Tuesday. I feel better having made my own decision on this matter. I think just being sick and hugely pregnant makes everything 100x worse, but I am starting to take Tylenol and it is helping w/ my pain some. The other thing is that I really have not stopped doing anything that I was doing prior to pregnancy. I have no restrictions, SO I am still working full time, taking care of my 3 kids, my DH and the house. I'm exhausted!

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"bamsmom" wrote:

I am still working full time, taking care of my 3 kids, my DH and the house. I'm exhausted!

HOLY CRAP! Go take a nap, woman!! Smile

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I understand completely how you are feeling.

Tons and tons of hugs!

:bigarmhug: :bigarmhug: :bigarmhug:

I am hoping you will have happy, healthy take home twins in your arms very soon!

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Hugs hon. Those babes may be here before the 31st anyhow. Take it easy and I can't wait for their arrival! Smile