VBAC? c-section?

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VBAC? c-section?

I was at my ob this morning, and the topic came up because unlike their big sister the wee ones are currently head down.

my ob said that their office isn't really supportive of planned vbacs, but if I happened to show up at the hospital dilated 6 or more they wouldn't try to do a repeat c-section unless I really wanted it... and she went on to say that they would do a c-section before inducing...

so I guess I am asking the following question, how did you all have your babies?
c--section, vbac, or naturally? did you have a choice?

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I think there is a discussion fairly recently on this topic. Smile

But, I had my first vag, 2nd a c/s, and since it is riskier to induce with a previous c/s we opted for a c/s with the twins. But my doc was all for vbac as well. Having had both, I would recommend a vaginal if at all possible. Smile

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I had my first DS naturally at home. Great experience.

This time we'll do natural at the hospital as long as Baby A stays head down. As of Monday both boys were in proper position so I'm feeling very positively about the impending exits.

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had my girls naturally (all homebirths) and would definately not have unnecessary major surgery and would do a VBAC

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There are risks associated with both a VBAC and a c-section. The new guidelines that have been issued indicate that a VBAC with twins is considered safe as long as you are not medically induced. However, bear in mind that baby B can always turn transverse or breech after baby A is delivered. So, the risk of a c-section after baby A is delivered is a possibility. Also, many hospitals have not issues guidelines to say that they will allow a VBAC, especially with twins. It sucks, but it is what it is. I hope you are able to find a birth plan that works for you.

I have had 2 c-sections. While a vaginal birth can be best, there are medically necessary reasons for c-sections. I refused to attempt a VBAC with my twins and it turned out baby A wasn't in favor of it either. She was footling and frank breech the entire pregnancy. She never turned head down, even once. It was lucky I did not attempt a vaginal birth. During my c-section, my MFM found a uterine window, which is a tiny tear in the uterine wall. If I had labored at all, it is possible I would have had a uterine rupture and would have lost my twins. Obviously, there are many women that successfully attempt a VBAC and have no issues, but the amount of pressure and stretching a uterus goes through with multiples is very different than a singleton. As it is, I have no regrets with my decision. My first c-section was an emergency c-section because of a breech presentation.

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With my first, I had an e-csection (vertical) due to DS being distressed. I had three subsequent vbacs all induced (even in 2008 ) with pitocin. With the twins, they totally left it up to me as long as Baby A was head down. I would've gone for vbac because it's only a 2% risk (this number varies by where you research, I just went by what my Dr told me) of uterine rupture and my sister passed away from pulmonary embolism from her csection (which is also very rare but too close to home for me). Unfortunately, one was breach and the other transverse, so I had no option at all and had a regular csection (horizontal). You do what you feel most comfortable with.

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With DD1 I had a vaginal birth that was great with little to no recovery. With the twins, I had my DS naturally and because he was so small, I had no recovey in that area. With my DD2, she turned and became distressed (she had the cord wrapped around her neck 4 times and wasn't breathing when she was born, all things I found out days after the birth!) so she was an emergency c-section. C-sections are painful and scary. Vaginally is the way to go. I would have had little to no recovery if I was able to deliver them both naturally.

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Thank You ladies for all of the responses... it is a lot to think about, I guess we will just be prepared for both options and wait Smile