We are home!!! XP

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We are home!!! XP

So this is going to be kinda quick, but we all came home yesterday afternoon. The girls are doing well, however, they have lost quite a bit of weight. We are breastfeeding and it is going well, but my milk still isnt in!!!!!! We have a follow up appt with our ped tmro and I pray that at least their weighs have stablized.
As for me I am doing good. Last night was a long night as we were up and down ALL night. DH sleeps like a rock so he really wasnt much help :confused: My pain is not bad at all, but the afterpains were awful!!!!
The other kiddos are adjusting, but they constantlywant to touch the babies and want to pick them up.
I will try and get back on tmro and give an update and and soon will post my birthstory.
Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers!
*FYI* I am stalking everyone Wink

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Congrats and so happy to hear they are home. Hope you are adjusting well and can't wait to hear the birthing story.

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I am glad you all are safe at home.

I am so impressed you are breastfeeding. I just couldn't do it. Good job!

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Congratulations! I'm so happy to hear that you're all home. What wonderful news! Get some rest, fatten those kids up, and I can't wait to hear more about them when you have a moment for us. Biggrin

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Congratulations again! It sounds like all is going well. I hope your milk comes in soon. I cannot wait to read your birth story.

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Congratulations!! SO happy to hear that you are home...can't wait for the birth story!! But of course realize that you have your hands full!!!

Again, congratulations....hope that milk comes in soon.

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Yay!!!! Hope that milk comes in super quick. Then those babes will be just happy.