Weight Issue

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Weight Issue

I know that the weight questions has already been brought up but my question is a little different. I had check up today and discovered that I gained 8 lbs in 2 weeks whereas before I've been averaging about 1.5 to 2 lbs every two weeks. Is this an exceptable weight gain for 22 weeks? I keep reading that you want to gain atleast 24 lbs before 24 weeks so that puts me at my 24 lbs but that seems like a huge gain for two weeks. I haven't really changed my diet, still eating the same foods and the same amount, although I do indulge once in a while! Any suggestions why I gained so much or if you think this is an ok/healthy weight gain.

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Krista I did the same thing at my 21 wk appt. I am so glad that you posted this to know that I am not alone Biggrin

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Sorry I can't help. Weight gain has been really hard for me. I'm at 28 wks and have only gained 21 or so. Ugh. I keep trying though - now with this new eating plan due to GD we'll see how much my weight changes.

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Your babies are likely putting on fat now, and plumping up :vibes: Be happy you are gaining weight! It's not just fat on your babies, but bone mass, muscle, etc. Now's the time to really up your protein intake! You should gain another 25-30 pounds about, or at least, that's what's recommended. :vibes: Good luck!

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I gained my weight all at once really quickly too at about the same time.

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So glad that I came across this thread before I reposted a similar question:):) I have been really struggling with (lack of) weight gain. The first 12 weeks I think I lost 5 and gained back 4. Then finally at my 16 week check up I had gained a whopping 4 lbs....now at a little over 17 weeks I have gained another 4 lbs:eek: I went from a lb a week to 4lbs in one week. DH thinks I am nuts...first I worry I am not gaining and now I worry that I gained too quickly, but reading this thread helped me realize that maybe it was just a natural growth spurt of sorts--although a little bit sooner than you ladies-- and all is fine. You think?

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My weight gain during this last pregnancy was always very sporadic. I would have times where I went in and gained 10lbs in a couple weeks, and then two weeks later I would have gained 2lbs....I'm not really sure why that happens, but the most logical thought to me would be maybe an increase in water retention.

My rule of thumb, if your doc doesn't seem concerned, then you probably don't need to be either.

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I'm glad this question was asked and I assume I'll see the big fast growth some of you experienced. I'm currently down 11 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight but have finally started eating full meals this week, and yesterday for the first time I was able to eat a totally reasonable amount of food with two big meals and snacks. Here comes the big belly!

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Yup, mine would be little some weeks and more other weeks. I second Riss, if your doc is not concerned, you probably don't need to be either. Wink