What a Bargain!!!

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What a Bargain!!!

We bought the paint for the room with a gift card we got 1.5 years ago. So the paint only cost us $18.00.

Then I bought the Graco DuoGlider for $95.00 at Sears. It was $159.00 at Babies R Us!!! Wahoooo!!!!

Then we got the cribs at Babies R Us. Because we bought two of the same kind, we got 15% off the cribs + cheaper assembly.

I like saving money!!! Yahoo

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Things are so much cheaper in the states! Thats awesome that you saved money...I love a good bargain!

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Sweet! I got a co-sleeper for now and haven't even dealt with cribs yet.

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Good deals !!!

I love having the time to really search and wait for the right price rather than having to hurry and buy something because we "need it now!"

anyone tried to sign up for any multiples discounts yet?

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yehaw! Love a good deal.

I totally meant to sign up for multiple discounts, and never did. Just too busy once they got here, but we should have.

I have been doing tons of shopping for Christmas stuff for my four kiddos, amazon is awesome, love comparing to prices at other stores and knowing I am getting an awesome deal. Smile

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Yeah- I love that Babies r Us multiples discount! What kind of crib did you get? There are soo many to choose from. And since we're getting 3, I need a good combo of quality and value.

@Rachel- I'm a total Amazon shopper. I have the 2-day Prime shipping membership and it's worth more than it's weight in gold!