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Thread: when to pack hospital bag

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    well since I need so many...what's the.cheapest place to.get these hundreds.of diapers
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    Quote Originally Posted by KAYMYA View Post
    well since I need so many...what's the.cheapest place to.get these hundreds.of diapers
    I like amazon.com.

    I do the amazon mom thing and the amazon suscribe and save option and you can save about 30% on pampers swaddlers.

    It is expensive. I spent $90 for the first months supply of diapers. Here is a link to what I bought. I bought two of them:

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    Not on the hospital bag subject but on the diaper one: we did go through thousands of diapers in the first months and I wish I'd started to cycle in a few cloth diapers earlier. I have saved SO much money since I started, but I didn't really get into it until my babies were 9 months old. Just something to think about maybe. It's a bit more work but the soiled ones are still easy to clean when they're tiny (basically just throw them in the wash, though I prefered to rinse them first), and even if you buy 6 CDs, use just two per day and do laundry every other day, you save 60 diapers every month. I spent maybe $80 on eB*y and got enough second-hand diapers for both my kids if I do laundry every 3 days. I still "cheat" and use disposables at night and sometimes for outings.

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    I used diapers.com because they had 30% off for every order for 3mo, once that expired we have gone back to Sam's club. They are a tiny bit cheaper there. Look for online codes before ordering at diapers.com, I sometimes searched for 20-30minutes, but if it saved more than $5, it was worth it. The amazon mom thing is good too, still need to sign up for that.

    I had contemplated cloth, but once I found out it was two, I changed my mind. I am not great at housework and laundry as is, taking care of even more laundry just would not work for me and our family.
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