Who is nearing delivery???

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Who is nearing delivery???

With all that has gone on in my pregnancy it seems like it is going by pretty quickly! I feel so blessed with each week that passes Smile This board is so quiet it is hard to keep track of any nearing deliveries. So...who is up next??? I have about 11 weeks! Hope it continues to fly--this pregnancy is definitely harder than my singleton. My pelvis is excrutiatingly painful--I can only sit on certain chairs (sofa,recliner) or it is awful. I dont get much sleep either as I can only lay on each hip for about an hour before switching. Fortunately, I have been out of work for 7 weeks so I do get plenty of rest. I can only imagine what the next few weeks have to bring BUT it is so very worth it Blum 3

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Obviously I am not pregnant or nearing delivery! But I just wanted to say I am so happy those babies are staying put for you. I can remember never being able to sit up straight. I always had ro be reclined because of the pressure. My pregnancy flew by but I think the fact that I was still working helped. You poor ladies that have to be on bed rest must go stir crazy. You're doing awesome and KUP on yourself and those babies Smile