*updated PG test pics. :-D

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*updated PG test pics. :-D

*update..took yes, another fact plus...and got this...........*

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I feel like a goober, but I'm not familiar with those tests. What does it say!?!?

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lol it's ok. the control line is to the right. and the test line is the + sign on the left. the horizontal line is already there, so the verticl line going through that line is the + test line. Biggrin see the pink dots above and below the test....that is my way of showing people where the line is. Smile

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Okay I am having trouble seeing it but I think I see a very faint vertical line. Is that what I am suppose to see and does it mean what I think it means????

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Yes, it means what you think it means. Biggrin

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I'd say you're preggers girl! A line's a line!

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yay!! Congratulations!!

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I didn't understand it either, so thanks for clearing it up! I have to take digital ones b/c I'm not the smartest! Lol CONGRATS and I hope you have a HH9M!

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Thanks ladies. I still want to test some more over the next few days so that i can see the lines get darker. last month i had a chemical pregnancy (a very early m/c) and i just want to make sure this isn't the same.

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Congrats and good luck!

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Wow, Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see more test pics in the next few days.

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Congratulations! I hope this one sticks for you!

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yay yay yay!!!

Congrats Liz!! I was just thinking about you and figured I should come online to check for an update...


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whoo hoo!

that's AWESOME!

congrats Liz!!!!