10 Million Fireflies

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10 Million Fireflies

That song has been stuck in my head, so I had to get it on paper, haha! Did this while being isolated from some stinkin flu bug, ugh!!!!

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so cool!! I love it!

That dang song is stuck in my head and I am sick of it. lol. I skip it every time it plays on my iPod because I am so sick of it. I should just take it off now!

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LOVE it!!! and that song is so my ring tone!!! (well my phones broken so it wasss my ring tone lol)

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That layout is very magical! Niiiice!

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I love what you've done here! Great idea for a page and you did great with it!

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I could hear that song a MILLION times, I LOVE it!! GREAT LO!!

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I love it! Very magical! I love that song.. i've been meaning to do a layout that features that song - maybe someday I'll get to it... it would be a great page to record some music on using my recordable thingy and attach it... thanks for inspo!

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Love the lo but now that stinkin song is stuck in my head.lol

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great LO! It's beautiful.

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Thanks guys! I saw this mini kit called Slice of Heaven which had almost every element I wanted that was in my mind, minus the earth and the disco ball which were both very easy to get and altered the color on some of the elements to get what I was looking for. The fantastic thing is, the cost was only $1.50. I thought I'd splurge! Smile

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WOW! That is COOL!


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really awesome layout! Way to go!

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I must be living under a rock b/c I have no idea what song that is?! :dontknow:

Anyway, lovely LO!! Is that one of your daughters?

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love this!!

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"StateChick" wrote:

Anyway, lovely LO!! Is that one of your daughters?

Here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFsFZitlM7k I'm sure you've heard it! Smile

Yeah, this is my 15 yr old, dressed for her snowball on Saturday. I love her dress, so I had her pose for another LO I had in mind that I wanted to scraplift from one I saw on http://www.gallerystandouts.com that I'm gonna work on now.

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that is so cool!!!!!!!

you should put the lyrics somewhere (maybe on the back when you have it printed) so you remember the inspiration. Wink

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"tialee" wrote:

Love the lo but now that stinkin song is stuck in my head.lol

Ditto lol Love the fantasy feel to it. But I loathe that song (just personal preference, I don't 'get' it, the lyrics don't make sense to me).