10 month old fun facts

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10 month old fun facts

My computer was down when Brody turned 10 months, so I wasn't able to do his fun facts page. I'm a month late, but here you go:

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That is really good! I put it in my lift folder. Love the colors and the whole way it's arranged. Nice work. TFS

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The layered letters are my favorite part! Great job!

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CUTE! Love the design!

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what a great page!! your son is a definite cutie!!

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that page looks great and what a great idea for his scrapbook! i never thought of a fun fact page! very nice!

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I love the cool colors in that LO and the way its arranged. Really cute LO!

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"MommyCB" wrote:

CUTE! Love the design!


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Love the design! And the fun facts, of course!

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Oh cute page! love the bright colors!