1st-year pages

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1st-year pages

Okay, I had promised myself that I would get Andrea's first year scrapped. I'm over half but I haven't worked on it in forever. With #2 coming, it is time to get it done!

Two pages, quickly done this afternoon as a way to jumpstart me:

Oh, and after a year and a half of bugging her, my old photographer (who is the one who introduced me to digi scrapping!) finally made this page from Andrea's newborn photos. I wasn't overly pleased with the photos at the time (Andrea was pretty cranky) but this way I have a memory of them (other than the 1 I bought).

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I am surprised you're not done with her first year honestly. I thought you were on schedule for some reason. I love the potty page the best, but they're all great. Yay for getting some done. TFS

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Ha! I'm always kept myself on schedule since I really started cranking them out her 2nd year, so I have books printed from her birth, 2nd year and 3rd year, but not the 1st! I need to do her first 2 months and the last 4 months of 2007 still.

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i love looking at old baby pics and seeing how much they have changed! i love them all!

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That first layout is FABUlOUS! Seriously probably one of my all time faves from you! So cute! I'll probably copy that design on a paper page. The monochromatic brackets in the 3rd layout are great too.

Good for you going back and finishing Andrea's book. Whatever didn't get done in Kayson's first year will sadly probably never get done. :/

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I thought you had finished her first year! Lol it's great seeing these flashbacks to Andrea's first year. They're all super cute!