2 altered canvases and mother's day cards

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2 altered canvases and mother's day cards

Here is the altered canvas I did for my cousin's wedding (the yellow and white floral paper on the background is from her invitation):

(font is opposites attract for family, plantin schoolbook for Rosaraio and est. 2012)

This is the mother's day present for MIL. Got the idea of this saying from something on pinterest, but the design is original...

Font is don juan for "grammie's house" and zooballoo for the saying at the bottom. The hearts and houses are from either don juan or gypsy wanderings...sorry, can't remember...

These mother's day cards have a "recipe" card that slides down in and pulls out for the inside of the card. Made one for my mom and one for MIL...the only difference between them is the stickers I used...


I used From My Kitchen for the tabbed recipe card, recipe, ingredients, and preparation cuts. "mom" is don juan font. The stickers are just a Jolee's Boutique pack...had them lying around, left over from when I made my sister a recipe book a few years ago.

Thanks for looking Smile

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Love it all Lauren!

Can you talk me through the canvas projects? Do you paint first, then attach letters with glue or modpodge?

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Sure thing... I paint with craft paint (like Plaid brand for example) as many coats as needed to cover, then usually I attach the letters with the Xyron sticker maker, then mod podge 2-3 coats over top. for the little grooves in the letters, sometimes i squish a big glob of mod podge on with the sponge brush and then smooth it over, because i have run into issues with it not getting in all the crevices of all the layers before.

the one i made for my cousin included attaching the paper from her invitation. for that I mod podged the painted canvas and the back of the paper and smoothed it on...I have had issues with paper on canvas, wood or paper mache boxes bubbling if I didn't get complete coverage. that is why i usually dont use large pieces of paper on projects like this...bubbles!

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LOVE! That saying for Grandma's canvas is so adorable. And what a great wedding gift!

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I love these. I love that grandma quote one too. I thought I had already replied to this, but sometimes I look on my phone, planning to reply later and never get around to doing it.