2 baby cards

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2 baby cards

I was in a scrapping mood yesterday but could not make a lo for the life of me so I made these baby cards. Not too happy with the first, and I still have to finish the inside. However I LOVE the 2nd one. I got the idea from a magazine but I cut the elephant by hand out of felt and stitched it. I also embossed the edges with pink embossing powder.






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those cards are adorable!

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Very cute cards!

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Those are great!

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Oh wonderful job!! I LOVE them!!

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Love them! The elephant is adorable! Smile

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I'm so impressed by that adorable elephant! I can't believe you hand-cut her out! Smile Both are adorable! I love when I see a CARD post by you...it makes my day.

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the elephant card is just adorable!!!! and i love the way you made the umbrella into the card as well. what a creative idea!!

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Awww that elephant is gorgeous!! Love them!

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Beautiful cards.

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Very cute, I love the elephant. Smile

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So neat Tia. They are so original and they are so adorable. TFS

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you are so creative! I love both of them, very sweet and lovely. Smile

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Cute, cute, CUTE! I would love to receive either one.... who ever you're sending them to will love them too.

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Adorable cards!

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I like the first one, it is unique.
Your second one did turn out cute. The elephant looks nice Smile

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so cute and creative! Biggrin

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They're both great, I really love the shape of the first, and the layering on the second!