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2 cards

This was for a nephew's wedding. Not one of my favorites, but it is to late now:)

First Communion Card. My attempt at elongated writing, which looks really bad!

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i like them both Biggrin and no the writing doesnt look bad at all!! i love that ribbon on the 1st card!

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YOU may think your handwriting was bad, but it turned out very nice! I like the white edging too. Wink Very cute! And love the 3-D effect on the butterflies.

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Ditto on what the PPs said on the handwriting, it looks great. Both are pretty good cards. I love how you make them pop.

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I think they're both great Lena...I especially like the wedding one. The black background on the butterfly is really cool! TFS

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oh, I love how you did the butterflies. they came out really nice!

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That second butterfly card is seriously adorable. I think both cards are very cute!

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I don't think the writing looks bad at all! Love the butterflies.