2 Halloween layouts

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2 Halloween layouts

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very cute! and look at you getting it done already! I have my pictures printed, but I'm not sure when I will get to the layout. you might be inspiring me to get it done. Wink

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Please don't tell me you got ALL these pages done today? I'm super jealous! Wink I love them! The rounded corners and shape of the pics on these layouts are perfect for it. "Bootiful" is cute!:D

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Wow!! You have them scrapped already! I still have to develop mine!

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Great job, looks like a very productive day!!!

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I love them both! I can't wait to do my Halloween page! You made me want to go get more stuff just so I can!

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Perfect and cute. Good job on getting some done already.

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Way cute!
I really like the lettering and wording on both.

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You have been busy Wink

I love the first one, she is such a cute little puppy.