2 layouts from me

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2 layouts from me

I'm trying to do SOMETHING! I'm finding it helps to get my pictures printed. Wink

Miles w/his lovies. Journaling reads:
Miles, you have fallen in love with Bunny and Teddy! You love to hug and kiss them. You hold them out to us while making a "mmmmmm" sound which means you want us to kiss them, too! You are so sweet! December 2009

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these are both gorgeous Ashley!

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Very cute! Love the red heart!!

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I love the bunny and teddy one!!!!!!!! Your pages give me so much inspo!!!!!!!!

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Those are both great! I love the colors in the second one. They both look really nice!

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ITA, both are gorgeous - I really love the colors on the second one and how you did the title!

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so good! terrific work as always Biggrin And I love how the photos you took of them look so neat! like they are already ready for a magazine! lol.

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Yay, amazing Ashley pages! The deep red heart shows up so well on the first layout. Love it! And awesome family layout! I love the little details.

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Great pages Ashley! Hope your mojo stays on girl.

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You make scrapbooking seem effortless. You do such a wonderful job of using little, but making an incredibly big impact. I would love to take scrapbooking lessons from you... you know, if I ever start actually scrapbooking.

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I love those!!! They are really great!!! Love the colors on the second one!

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oh, that first one is perfect!!! I totally need to do a layout like that. Jack's in love with his fellas too. and the second one is just gorgeous!