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2 LOs

Well I was trying to do this for the recipe challenge, but then I realized my title wasn't big. ARGH! Anyway...well the paper I used has circles, but I added the 3 orange-yellow circles for journaling and quote from songs. I might add more quotes, at least one, on the left side. The journaling is the circle in the middle of the page. It says "all we had was a cell phone camera. So the picutres aren't good, but the memories are great!"

The other one I scraplifted from Charys. I think a while back she posted a LO she did for Kayson at 21 months, with his likes, words, etc. I did one for Nathan at 18 months. He talks a lot, and I had a squeeze in all his words!

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those are really neat. Love the colors you chose for both pages:)

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Great job! And the first one is totally ok for the recipe challenge (my challenge, I get to make the rules! Your title is bigger than mine for that challenge lol). I really love the words thing too, I keep meaning to lift it too now that Kaitlyn is turning into a chatterbox.

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i love your pages! Smile love the circles on your first one and the second one ... i might have to do something like that for Mikael. He is only 15 months old and says over 20 words already Biggrin

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Those are both really good, but I especially like the second one. It flows really well and I like the color combinations. TFS

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I love the vibrant colors you used and the scraplifted one is such a good idea. You pulled off the lift very nicely.

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I love the pink and orange together! That is great pp that you used!! And holy cow that boy is a motor mouth! Biggrin