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2 LOs

wow i havent posted any in a while! Smile its really hard to scrap when my table is covered in scrapping stuff, and the preggo laziness kicks in Lol somehow i managed to do one a few weeks ago, and the other yesterday. i dont want to lose the mojo!

this one i did a few weeks ago and just got around to taking a pic of it. lazy i tell ya! its kind of, eh. but its done. the fact pages are the hardest for me for some reason. the numbers on the pics are the months.

and i did this one yesterday!

and apparently my son is "one of the happiest babies i have ever seen" because i used that SAME EXACT LINE in the journaling on another LO! :rolleyes: i had no idea until after it was done and i start looking through his other pages! oh well, hopefully when he gets older he will believe me when i say it. ROFL

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the first one is kind of "eh"???? WHAT!? I was going to say how absolutely fabulous I think it is! One of my faves Biggrin
And I love the journaling in the second one. Great pages:)

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I think these are both great! I love them. I just told dh yesterday that I had used the same journaling on two pages recently too. lol.

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Sweet LOs! I love the rainbow and sun! Made me Smile Great journaling!

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Yeah, funny how the ones we think are so so, others love. I think they're both great. Love the background paper on the first one and the dots you added. I love how you did the journaling on the second one. TFS

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love em!! and the title of the second one is too cute!!

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Great pages Ash.

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both are great but I especially love the 2nd one. Love the journaling.

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The title rocks on that second layout and wowzee I love them both.

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I LOVE the embossing on the first lo and the journaling on the second is too cute! I have to lift that!

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oh, I like them both! I love your use of the ribbon on the first one. and cool way to record the "facts". Smile I adore the second layout, it's perfect!

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I love the title on the second one (I am SO scraplifting that!) and the word bits are such a neat way to journal!

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