2 more LO's to share!

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2 more LO's to share!

The big white snowflakes are ornaments that were sold at Bath & Body Works. (I work there!) When they went on sale and was just getting into scrapbooking, I totally saw those on a future page! Only 2/3 years later! LOL

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These are both so great - you are on a roll!

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They are so perfect. I'm glad you got those snowflakes and finally used them. I think the second one is just so cute! I may scraplift that. I just love the colors and all the shapes. Smile

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Great use of color. Awesome job.

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those are great!

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How cute!! I love the snowflakes!

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I love the first one!!!!

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awesome i love the use of the different style eyelets and all the colors.

very cute first snow page

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Not sure how he liked the snow huh?! Lol That's a really cute page, love those snowflakes!

The colors of the 2nd one is GREAT! Biggrin

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I love those pages, great way to get those snowflakes! Biggrin I would have never thought to do that.