2 more from me...

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2 more from me...

Here is a LO I did about the last day our dog Oliver was with us before he went to stay with his new family:

And one of Afton getting a pedicure from my mom (Nana):

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Awwww cute!
I love the pics of her getting her toenails painted.

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those are great!!! I really love looking at your layouts, you have a neat style. Smile

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Really nice LO!! I always look forward to seeing your pages;)

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those are great I love the letters in the first one

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The title on the first is just great and I love how you bordered the pics in the second LO with pen. very nice! I always love your LO's!!

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Those are both great!!!

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Very nice - I love how they are matted!

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Great layouts! TFS!

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oooh, I love those lo's too. Very nice.

And you have definately been busy.