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2 more from me

I should be painting the bathroom or outside enjoying the warm fresh air but I have got some major Scrapbooking fever!! So here are two I finished this morning.

kit is urban Kiwi by Shabby Princess but the circle number and letters are from Piece of Cake by Shabby Princess

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Those are just precious! I have that same kit and have never used it b/c I couldn't find a way to lay it all out. I LOVE what you have done! Good job! Sweet, sweet photos!

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those are both great! I love them. I have used those same kits from SP and LOVE them.

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These are way cute!

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Very adorable! She has some GREAT facial expressions!

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Absolutely adorable!

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Good job on using black and white photos. I have trouble doing that myself, so I'm impressed with your pages.

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very nice!! love the B&W:D

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I feel a scraplift coming on ... this is gorgeous!

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Oh, she is adorable!!

All of your new LOs are super cute, but I love these pages especially! The use of the b&w, the 'stitching' on the ribbon and circles and the way you've framed the pics in black all give that filmstrip feel. Beautifully done, mama!

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Those are so precious!

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Great LO's!! I have downloaded some stuff from ShabbyPrincess but I haven't had a chance to use it.

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LOVE IT! The picture at the top left hand corner is freakin' adorable!

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You've rocked these too! Great job Shelly!

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that is one of my fav kits by SP. The middle paper is what I have as my background on myspace right now lol.
Great pictures. I love how you kept the B&Ws soft and not super contrasting.

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I absolutely LOVE those!!!

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oh, I love both of them! I Have that ki tbut I've never used it. and I really love how you did use it, I might save this to my scraplift folder. Smile so glad you did layouts instead of paiting, I wish I had the scrapping bug!

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Oooo! I love the choice! Very nice LO's!