2 more NICU pages

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2 more NICU pages

I don't love this one, but I'm accepting it as it is! Wink

car seat test jpg
Journaling: The car seat test was the last thing to do before the doctors would let you come home.

And I entered this one into the newest challenge for edges:
big yawn jpg

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Those are both great. You are really good at coming up with neat ideas to scrap and good titles. TFS

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That little sheep is too cute! Nice job!

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I like how bright and happy the first page is!

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1st one- The colors are great, and I love the strips of paper.

2nd one- How precious is that! I love how simple, but elegant it is. What a precious moment too!

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I DO love that first one ! It's super sweet! They both are:D

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They look great. I like your paper strips on the first one. They go well and look nice with the matting below. Of course I like your second one, so so cute!

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Cute layouts. I remember that carseat test. Great pictures.

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I love the second one, and the first one is neat, too - so tiny!!!!

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aaah, the One Last Test page is so precious. She was just so tiny I can't get over it. It's good you are scrapbooking all these special memories.

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You know I always have a hard time using yellow b/c it sometimes seems to "drown" your colors out in your pics (if that makes sense) but yellow is one of my favorite colors. I really like the LO and I think it warms up the pics too!

The sheep in the 2nd one is adorable!

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Oh I love the first one! Yellow is a hard color to use...but used right it looks awesome...and yours looks awesome! I remember the car seat test too! I finally got to leave our local hospital (when Xavier was almost two days old!) and get driven to him 2 hours away at the NICU of a bigger hospital (darn c-section slowing things down) and when I got there (so looking forward to getting to hold him for the first time) and he was in the middle of the car seat test! So I had to sit there and wait for him to finish it before I could hold him!!