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2 more pages

Digital pages seem to come much faster for me than paper, so here are two more!

Everything from Shabby Princess Promise Collection

We couldn't believe the amount of mud we had to use! In hindsight we wonder if we should have just put mud on a roller and painted the whole wall...or ripped the walls out and started over!

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They are both the same size, but for some reason they aren't showing up that way....oh well, use your imagination:)

ETA: Never mind it 's fixed. Shutting up now!

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Awesome job! I love the striped paper!! And the two pages flow together very very nicely! Digi scrapping does go so much faster than paper! Sigh. But I still love my metal embellishments (and other 3D embellisments) too much to give up paper scrapping! LOL.

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I LOVE those colors! Great job!

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That looks like our house remodel. Lol Mud was everywhere. Great layouts!!!

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Great journalling! Is the next page "Dust, dust and more dust?" ... that's the part I hate about drywall mud - the sanding of it and it gets EVERYWHERE!

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Oh man does that bring back ugly memories. Lol Great pages. TFS

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very cute!! love the background paper!!!!

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Very cute! I really like the paper too - and the staples.

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it looks great. I'm still loving the colors for these pages.