2 (new 2 you) pages

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2 (new 2 you) pages

This is the page I had done all using one color family (like in Gwen's class) but I did it a long time ago so I felt like a cheater if I shared it there. lol
I painted the chipboard with diff. tones of yellow to match the page


Sorry for the bad pic I got lazy. This page I added for an idea with rub on letters. With some paper and brads I matted my rub on words to make them look more like accents on the page. I also added multiple photos on top of each other and added a brad. This way you can flip through all of the photos when going through the book. I still have to journal:eek:


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Tia, those are great. I like how you made the rubons look like accents.

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Those are great! Love the yellows in the first one. Beautiful!

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I can't wait to try her color blocking technique...you did great with the yellows! I'm saving my scrapbooking until our crop here and the VC. Wink Both pages are fantastic tia! I really love how you have the brad on the second layout, so you can flip through more than one photo. GREAT idea.

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beautiful! I especially love the yellow one Biggrin

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So very cute. I love the layout of the first one, with the repeating pictures, etc.

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I dig them!! The page with the yellows is awesome, I really should try one like that.

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Love the yellow one! So sweet! I really like what you did with the rub-ons....good idea!

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Very cute! I love how it's all the same color, just with different hues. And I love how you use so many pictures!