2 new Digi Layouts & I'm in LOVE!

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2 new Digi Layouts & I'm in LOVE!

OK I have fallen head over heels for digital scrapbooking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are two new LO I did today Smile

I used the Quick Page templates from Heather Ann Designs and I could not believe how amazing they look Smile


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Very nice pages! Smile

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CUTE! I really like the 2nd one. I like the journaling. Great job!

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those are great!! love the stairs picture!! Smile

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Cool I like how you went back and scrapped older pics!

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Those both turned out cute...I hope I get the hang of this digital scrapbooking soon! You did a great job!

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Those are great! I love the font in the second one, too.

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Great job! Thanks for sharing those with us! Both are beautiful.

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I really like them! I like them both! The colors are great in the second!

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Those are great! On the second one, I like how you have the picture taking up the entire half of page, I always feel like I have to have a border around mine. Very nice!

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they are terrific! will you get the digital pages printed?

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Those are great pages!!

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Those are great! I like the layouts you chose.

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I think they are both great!!

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Those are really nice pages!!!

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those are great!!

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Very Nice!! I really like the journaling.