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2 new l/o

the scrapping gods have been fairly kind to me (even if the good health fairy has not) and I managed to knock out these 2 recently. I have a lot of pictures actually printed and ready to scrap, so hopefully March will be more productive than February.

3 generations (Logan, his daddy, and grandpa):

judo ... journalling is under the picture on the left side of the spread:

TFL! It feels good to be creating something again. Smile


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Good work! I love your pages. Your choice of colors are amazing! I really love what you did on the bottom of the first LO. How did you do that. It looks digital. Biggrin

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Those are great. You use colors really well, I wish I was that good with colors.

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I agree, your color choices are great. Nice work!

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Gigi - oh, I love these pages! the 3 generations is just lovely, and the judo page ROCKS! Look at Loli, so cool!!!!

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those are great, I like your 3 on the 3 generations page, how'd you do that? was it a diecut?

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"sadieruth" wrote:

Your choice of colors are amazing!

ITA!!!! You have such an eye for colors. I love your pages!

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