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2 new LOs

I finally got back into scrapping since I took the whole month of Aug off because of how busy we were. It felt good to get a couple pages done.

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Very nice! I like the yellow/blue combo. The border punch you used on the first one is cool! I am obsessed with border punches. Lol I didn't do anything the whole month of August, either. It feels good to get back into it, doesn't it?!

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I am also obsessed with border punches, a couple months ago I didn't have a SINGLE one and now I have a whole drawer full, I don't even know the exact amount.

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I love the triangle in the words, and also the border too. Very nice. TFS

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Welcome back to scrapping! Smile Distance makes the heart grow fonder -- even for scrapping. Wink

These pages are so sweet! I love the border punch and the way the stars are mimiced in the photo and paper. I love the colors you chose on both of those! And the fonts you picked go really well with each of those pages!


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very cute! I love how you layered the paper on the 2nd page!

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Those are great! I especially like the second one with the layered papers. Very nice.

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Both of them are great!!! I really love the colors!

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They are precious! I love the colors.
I also like how the pillows in the picture match the paper (1st one)

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Those are great! Very sweet. I love the first one!

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Aww cute! I especially love the 1st one! That chunky font is great Smile

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I used Sure Cuts A Lot for both of the fonts. I just got that program and I LOVE it, I wish I hadn't waited so long to get it.

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cute! I love how the background paper matches the photo in the first. and I like how you arranged the papers on the second. I so need to get back into scrapping ...

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Great job. I love the color combos and the pics are precious. I don't have any border punches but now I really want some.

Did you find SCAL easy to understand? I figure now that my bug is a couple of years old, getting that program wouldn't mess with my warranty. If I can get back into scrapping mode, I might be able to convince myself that the purchase of SCAL would be worth it.